Please bear in mind you are purchasing a second hand item and that there will always be an element of wear and tear of the parts in the engine, gearbox, diff and other used parts. Please make sure you are entirely happy with your purchase. Please read your purchase warranty and understand the contents there off. Thank you

Purchasers Responsibility Re – Engines

Removal and fitting
Replacement of oil,and filters
Tuning and timing
Checking of oil pressure
Pressure test of radiator and cooling system
Fit new radiator cap and thermostat
Fit new timing belt or chain
Replace water-pump welch plugs and oil seals

Re- Gearbox/Diff

Removal and fitting
Balancing of prop shaft
Fitting of spigot shaft bearing or bush
Fitting of new seals all round
Inspect fuller nut for defects
Use correct oil , must be manufacturers spec
Fill correct amount of oil